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revealed the large scale operation of this undersea base including the discovery of a total overall 10,000+ Draco & Hydra Reptilian beings which included: 2,000 of the highest ranking Reptilian, Cabal -  Military Officers, and more, stationed on planet Earth, at that time.  Most were Generals & Colonels.  Of these Reptilian Military Officers included was a 5 star and 2 star Reptilian General.

They also discovered 3,000' high ranking "Cabal" and "'Illuminati" - Officials, some who were Reptilian & off planet human blended hybrids.  The remaining Reptilians, those in operations positions, administrators and engineers, they were there as support staff.  There was a large scale battle that lasted for days.  Many Reptilians died.

Out of the total 10,000+ Reptilians - 2,000 remaining of the highest ranking Military Officers Officials were captured and sent to the primary Andromeda Council biosphere in April 2012 when they were tried, convicted and sentenced for "Crimes Against Humanity" in a Universal war crimes tribunal.

The people of Procyon also captured  50 of the highest ranking Cabal and Illuminati Officialsat that time, dictating orders to the human power structure, 'powers that be' - the human ruling 'elite', here on planet Earth. 

These above facts result in my long time statement about why I said even back then in August 2011, this war was, for the most part, over.  In the year 2012 we saw the destruction of the last  5 Reptilian undersea bases... out of a total 15... located on planet Earth.

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