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It is from, specifically united_states.svg, by Daniel McRae.

This image is from the Open Clipart Library. It is in the public domain worldwide.

According to the US Embassy in London, the red should be Old Glory Red (Pantone 193), and the blue, Old Glory Blue (Pantone 281). According to [1] or [2], that translates to RGB 191, 10, 48 for the red, and RGB 0, 40, 104 for the blue.

The flag ratio is 10:19. See Executive Order No. 10798 for a complete geometric specification of the flag. Note that the diagram given there is not very accurate. The number E given there as 0.054 should really be 1/130=0.05384615..., and G given there as 0.063 should really be 19/300=0.063...

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  • Шаблон:PD-USGov

    This work is in the public domain because it is a work of the United States federal Government...

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